To accelerate your business growth by automating the freight management operations.

Intelli Infotech Private Limited Company is specialized in web-based ERP freight management software.

About IntellFreight

A web-based ERP software designed for Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs and Logistics Providers.
Accelerates the business growth by automating the freight management operations.
To easily track, transact and manage the shipments in a single platform.
The modules cover the entire business cycle - from meeting a client for the first time to closing a job file for that customer.
We help forwarders managing shipments from origin to destinations
Our modules helps to maintain hassle-free freight management operations.


Why do you need a Freight management software?

It has all internal modules connected with one another provide for a smooth transition of data (data import and export) from one piece of functionality to the next, which eliminates the need for double-entry.
Sales Team can convert a quote into an order, which is sent down to a shipyard to begin the fulfilment process.
Accounts Team can easily track paid and unpaid invoices from these orders and ensure the company is not missing any payments.
Moving all shipping information via an electronic system will help to keep your data secure and stored safely.
Manual methods of shipping include a large volume of paperwork, including original quotes, sales orders, bill of lading, warehouse documents and any other
documents needed. These can quickly pile up, and make your company slow to react to any changes made along the way.

Intellfreight Vs Other Freight Forwarding Softwares

Zero-processing fee at the time of onboarding.
Alerts and notifications which are available over in-System and Email.
Facilitates specific User Management. You can allocate and decide who in your organisation has permission to view sensitive data or confidential information, or even how much
access to that particular permission is allocated.

Easily track, transact and manage shipments. We thrive for success.